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About Sunshine Projects

Enhancing the Lives of Special Needs Children and Adults

Sunshine Projects provides exceptional enrichment and leadership development opportunities to young adults in the greater DC area. We offer an opportunity to create and mold their own unique experiences through our wide range of educational and creative programs and activities. We see the true power that individuals with intellectual disabilities hold, and we have made it our mission to inspire them to become more creative, confident and independent.

 We are a public 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving individuals of all abilities within the IDD community.


A Note from Our Founder, Elma

I've spent a number of years diving deep into the world of special needs, and it's been quite the journey. Huge shoutout to Susannah Lovegrove and her fam for opening my eyes to this beautiful world filled with incredibly compassionate, sweet, and talented kids. They trusted me with taking care of their precious daughter, and it's been a game-changer, connecting me with folks like you.

I've learned a ton during my time with the special needs community, and it's given me a whole new perspective on life. These kids, despite their challenges, have an amazing ability to spread love and empathy all around. It's a testament to the beauty of our world, isn't it? We can embrace these awesome children and find ways to make them part of our lives seamlessly.

So, after years of getting involved with various organizations and their activities, I'm starting something new. I'm launching a program that's all about providing fun and meaningful day activities for young adults who need it most. Take a peek at the courses I've got lined up, and think about joining in. I've got some passionate educators on board who share my vision.

My goal is to build a community of caring people who are all about helping out our special needs kids. Let's do this together!

— Elma

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