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Technology Cohort Program (TCP)

A Special Jon Yune Project

This program brought out the young adult participants' unique skills. They accomplished many things on various IT-related projects. These accomplishments included programming code, building circuits to complete specific tasks, building a single board computer, gaining confidence in live streaming using broadcasting software, hosting and participating in live podcasts, and building a retro pi system that emulates classic arcade games.

Unfortunately, the IT Cohort Program was forced to take a break as we retool our curriculum and assess the staffing, cost, and resource requirements needed to continue our cohort program.  We believe that adding dedicated professional IT instructors and facilitators will be needed next term to expand our learning scope continually. 


We hope to continue to raise funds so that we can move forward with this fantastic program. We learned a lot from our TCP pilot program participants. Not only have they developed worthy skills in the IT department, but the socialization, teaching, and learning to connect with different abilities and friends was a huge success.

We wish to continue this fantastic department of our program for anyone in the IDD community who wishes to learn IT and other computer-related skills.

Meet Our Graduates

Leo, Aramis, Yasine, Brenden, Brandon, Alessandro

These young men woke up early, took public transportation, and arrived at SP on time! Great success!! To some, these tasks can be so easy, but for these young adults, time management can be a considerable challenge and conquering those fears and challenges is a tremendous accomplishment. We are so proud and impressed seeing the progress they made! And we learn so much from each one of them. We learned to be better individuals. We learned to be more accepting and more inclusive. We are grateful to every one of our young adults for inspiring us to do more and to do better each day, for teaching the most valuable life lesson- to be better human beings and for showing us what/ who matters most - EACH OTHER.

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