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Happy April! Refresh & Renew

April showers bring bright colorful flowers and fresh air. It is Spring, and every spring brings new beginning, a new hope! Our world is slowly opening up although we are still a bit cautioned as we aren’t all vaccinated yet. So everyone, keep wearing those masks and stay safe.

Through the one year of dealing with the COVID- 19 pandemic, We've learned a lot while we were forced to quarantine and be resourceful. As months grew into a year, Sunshine Projects continued focus remained on the enrichment and socialization of all members. As we all know, these are very important to the lives of our young adults. The relationship building and daily engagement are a priority and we have developed many classes from these key ingredients. We are always thankful for the group of amazing and talented educators whom we found through recommendations of friends and from friendships. As we grow and build further, parental input and the future needs of our members play an important role in making decisions for our next phase of programming. We'd like to build a robust and comprehensive programming that will include both online and in person. As we move forward, we are also including some educational and life skills aspects to our program.

We've spent six months with the leadership of Carmen’s mom, Ginger, who with her knowledge and dedication, generously shared her skills in Money Management and Budgeting as well as Nutrition life skills classes. These sessions were all impactful subjects to our students. We hope to have more skills classes taught by volunteers like Ginger. With that idea, our Hiphop dance teacher Robyn is volunteering to teach Basic Etiquette class and we are looking forward to the start this week. We are also building a small group pilot program for Basic Social Skills to be lead by our new chef and behaviorist Elena. Yes, we have new chefs on board! We are very excited and we welcome Elena, founder of Well Rooted Kitchen and Diana, a trained culinary chef who currently works with Gigi’s playhouse. Both chefs are absolutely amazing and we are so grateful that they found their way to Sunshine Projects.

We remain grateful for this community for helping us build and be successful on our quest for a better programming for our young adults. We are thankful for your continued support. We continue to be inspired by all our amazing and super fun young adults. We cannot wait to meet everyone in the future.

Be safe, be healthy, be happy, be hopeful.

Please download our latest April Online Class Schedule below

Sunshine Projects April 2021 Online Clas
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