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September new classes and updated calendar

Hello Families and Friends,

     September is almost here and the new month comes with it another action packed Sunshine Projects calendar!  Check out the new classes:

Life Skills Classes:  We are thankful that many of our parents have volunteered to start our "Challenge to Independence Program" designed to guide our young adults to their road to independence.  We are starting with three classes 1) Budgeting and Money Management. 2) Body Awareness and (3)Social Skills and Time Management: Scheduling and Organization.   We will continue to refine this program based on parental input and look to expand its scope with the addition of specialized instructors in the future. 

Skill Showcase: Member Led Tuesday session:  This session will be led by one of our talented young adults who can teach a dance,a skill, or anything they can share with their peers. If your young adult would like to participate, we would be glad to put them in the schedule.

New theater camp classes:  Last month was a great success of our first all student produced musical. Tristen will be leading two separate theater camps this month with each camp lasting 10 weeks culminating in a student led performance at the end of the camp. On Saturdays, starting Sept 5: Acting Out!  and Fridays, starting Sept 4: Jukebox Musical.  Full descriptions on the website. If you'd like to participate, please join early as the participation is limited to 15 students per camp. 

We've been together online for 6 months now and our community continues to gain new friends and families every month. We are so thankful for your support

and we look forward to another exciting month!  With love, Elma

Sunshine Projects September Class Calend
Download • 58KB

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