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September programming and calendar

Welcome to September

Sunshine Projects had a sizzling summer with the launch of our successful day camps and our continuing vibrant virtual programming. For our members who were able to experience our day programs, we truly are grateful to spend many weeks of fun and skill-based activities “in house” and within the community. The student’s enthusiasm to learn and be challenged in many of the classes and activities such as flower arrangement, tie dye t-shirt, painting, baking dog biscuits and bagging them, the daily creation of lunches, SPTV experience, Superhero interviews, theatre exercises, fitness, friendships and many more allowed us to think that our young adults are ready for many more challenges and skill based activities.

For our next level of Sunshine Projects programming that is currently being planned, we decided the in-person weekly workshops are imperative to the well being of our students and they will continue! Watch out for an email outlining our “What’s up in the fall and onwards” plan. There are lots to consider including the funding process from DDA as we are currently in the application process for Maryland and DC. In the meantime, we want to thank you for your continuing support and for believing in us. Our mission to fulfill the “person centered” approach is our main purpose. We want to empower, educate, challenge, and embolden each and everyone of our young adults. Their future as independent and capable individuals is not beyond reach. They are amazing creators, talented and able and most of all they are willing and enthusiastic learners. They need guidance and proper tools and a caring environment to thrive and that is where we stand. We stand to provide them what they need to feel special and feel proud!

Go Sunshines!!

Download the September 2021 Online Class Calendar:

Sunshine Projects September 2021 Online Class Calendar
Download PDF • 3.68MB

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