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Summer is Here!

June arrived in lightning speed. Has anyone had the chance to blink? The time goes by so fast if we are enjoying ourselves. That’s exactly how I felt! Sunshine Projects participants continue to inspire me and their energy fuel my soul and give me the light to create more fun things to share. May was an amazing month. We met more members and the interaction between one another during class has created a great bonding among them all. The chat room has now over 200 chats, thanks to Isabel and Sonja for engaging the group. Then we meet Rakir! She is loaded with energy and she is super friendly! The classes are becoming livelier as the participants are getting to know each other more. There are no limitations here at Sunshine Projects. Conquer your fears, express yourself, be confident, we are all in it together.

June is here! Are you ready? It is a month loaded with so many amazing events. You don’t want to miss these energy filled and fun classes. Im thankful for Yoga master Christine for leaping forward and is taking on a huge task of getting us all toned and ZEN at the same time through Core YOGA. The powerful movements are designed to keep each one of us find our strength and balance. Since we know Christine so well, we will be very comfortable with her leading us on.

Many of you already know Tristen through the Pegasus ensemble but his creativity and talent is infectious and has arrived at Sunshine Projects.

Beware sunshines, he is here to inject us with positive experiences by turning us all into actors and actresses. He dances with us at SNL but that’s not the only thing he can do. Did you hear the rumor that he is multi talented? Well, luckily he found his foot here and will camp with us so that we can learn to write scripts and act them out. We call this class -script writing and acting camp. We can’t wait for this to start. Don’t forget to check this out and you don’t want to miss this chance to be a star.

The more fun things Sunshine Projects has to offer, the more positive the experience will be. We are gearing up for the Sunshine Projects News Hour camp. We will explore the A- Z list of possible topics and we will rehearse the script together! Sounds like fun! And who knows you might get discovered in the process! There will always be a space for you at the media so let’s start here and let’s cultivate your talent.

Tune in always at and always be the first one to know.

As we cover more fun ideas and enhance them so we can share them with you, we are also constantly reminded by our beginnings, that these ideas are formed and then enhanced so that we can share them with YOU, our amazing participants. YOU are the inspiration and we are thankful for the opportunity to be able to serve YOU. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to build this wonderful Sunshine Projects community. Always remember, YOU are our sunshine.

More to come! Stay tuned.

Welcome to June!

With Love,


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Elma G
Elma G
Jun 02, 2020

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