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The Quarantined Life

It’s the end of April. The day is rainy. What a way to end a month. It‘s Spring, yes. But most of us have been indoors for the better part of 2 months. And we almost did not realize that spring is actually here. The signs of spring has sprouted around us, almost to a surprise since we have been locked indoors all these times! Spring is here! Finally, a nice weather Is here. A few walks around the neighborhood, the hikes at the nearby lake or on the trail has been a real treat but take heed of your distance from others, stay 6 feet apart, wear a mask and or gloves. Maintaining social distancing is the key to keep you and others safe. Social distancing was imposed to keep us and others safe from the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. We weren’t ready. The whole world was on pause. “Stay indoors, save life,” is posted everywhere.

We must keep safe. This virus is tricky and most certainly deadly for some. Then there are the daily briefings, we watch, we listen, mostly to horrible news. It is gut wrenching. We feel the horror each time we hear the daily death statistics in each state and we mourn with those people who’s loved ones are lost. It’s not easy. We feel lucky that we are healthy and safe but we will not forget to thank the people who work to keep us all safe- the doctors, the nurses, food handlers, everyone who put themselves at risk to save us. We also thank the WIFI, social media, electricity that are still available to keep us going and connected to one another. We thank the people who work behind the scenes to keep all these available for us. It Is difficult to imagine life without a medium to connect us all. We are thankful.

Social distancing has brought people’s minds and expertise to come up with a brilliant way to continue educating students so they too can be learning safely in their homes. Everyone has stepped up to understand a new method of conducting online learning and socializing. Students are very open and curious and also has easily adapt to these new study methods and a month later, things were zooming on! With all these busy months of preparing more engaging and fun classes, COVID-19 hit and Sunshine Projects joined the new era of programming. ZOOM has become a new method of gathering our students and to our surprise, the participants are really flexible and are able to connect and have a great time with all the classes we offer. March was a hit! We added many more fun subjects such a Talent Show, Fashion Show, Cooking, Saturday Night Life, Karaoke and Music Enrichment Sing-A-Long. We even thought of offering moms and dads chill time, TGIF, because parents also need to have a time for themselves.

The month of May zoomed in so fast we almost couldn’t believe it’s here! But we are ready and we have a huge plan to keep all participants rolling and having fun! Watch out for many new and exciting addition to our May edition. As many of us know, keeping a smile is hard to come by these days, but here at Sunshine Projects, we try to think of many ways to help bring those smiles out because if we see your children having fun and dancing or singing their heart out, that is enough to warm our hearts and keep us inspired and smiling.Your children are precious and their smiles are PRICELESS.

Thinking of you all, with love. Elma


Sunshine Projects

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