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August is the month of gratitude

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Welcome to August everyone! Six months into quarantined life, together we can be strong and positive as we've always been.  We miss everyone but we are thankful that the online programming has enabled us to see each other more often than before.  Over the many months of interactive classes, we are proud to say that many of our participants have blossomed and now showing a lot more confidence.  It is so heartwarming to watch them interact and have fun during class. 

August will be a real busy month with two more additional fun classes.  Let’s explore our comedic side during the Monday Comedy Improv Class with Shanthi and on Wednesdays, we will explore our inner artist and join Kristin and learn different art techniques while using mixed media such as newspaper, paint, and glue. 

So much to look forward to this month, but most importantly is the Sunshine Projects SPTV broadcast premier followed by 100th Zoom Class celebration which will be happening today at 5 pm!  We are thankful to families and friends who have joined and supported us from the very start of this project.  We are thankful to our passionate instructors and mentors for bringing in their talent and creativity into a class filled with energetic participants.  

August is a month of gratitude here at Sunshine Projects.  We are thankful to each and everyone of you for believing in us.

e have created a beautiful community that becomes our huge family and together we will walk this journey for the sake of our beautiful children.

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Sunshine Projects August 2020 Online Cla
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