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Exciting July Class Offerings

July is already upon us and with it comes outdoor BBQs, beach holidays and fireworks. This year may be a bit different as we're all still uncertain of what normal should look like. Things are slowly opening up and we cautiously look forward to the next steps.

In the meantime, we have an exciting line up of July online activities designed to keep you moving, inspired, and motivated. SPTV and Theatre camps have already started. New classes this month include Hip Hop Dance with Layla and Beginners Ukelele Class with Kevin S. We've added more kickboxing and Yoga classes as requested.

On Sundays, we encourage you to participate in our Cafe Concert series with various activities, including talent showcases and dance challenges. The final production broadcast of SPTV showcasing our talented participants to various news reporting segments will air the last Sunday of the month. We can't wait until the premiere!

Looking forward to seeing all of you this month! Big Hugs, Elma


Sunshine Projects July 2020 Online Class
Download • 62KB

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