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February is a celebration of LOVE

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Happy February everyone! We are in full bloom here at Sunshine Projects like Tulips that slowly rose up from the ground and one day, the beautiful vibrant bud opened up and new colors brightened up everyone’s eyes. Sunshine Projects started a year ago with a few students and today with the help of all of you, we are growing and definitely our inclusive community’s labor of love is blooming! February is a month to celebrate LOVE. Although, we share love with one another every day, February is when our universe celebrates LOVE in full bloom. At Sunshine Projects, we are grateful for the love we receive from the community of adorable children and young adults and all families. Every day here is a celebration of love. We like to give back by making sure to continue offering quality services to our members and beyond. This month we continue our scheduled classes and we also added the most requested music class-The Sunshine Projects Acapella Club to be taught by our popular Disney Queen teacher, Ms Kara. Because many students have varying schedules and our teacher being in graduate school, we have scheduled this class on Sundays at 7:30 pm with the hope of being able to accommodate most of you. We are very excited to finally be able to have a class focused on voice. Our theatre program is in full bloom as well. We currently have four camps in session. Magical Moments- A Disney Storytelling Hour with Ms Kara has recently started its second season. Let’s Make A Musical, Access Hollywood, and Acting Out are finishing in two weeks and now open for the fourth season registration. Because our camps are so popular, we are adding one more! The camp is called Avengers Assemble: A Superhero Camp with Mr. Tristen. This is scheduled at 3-4 Tuesdays starting February 16. All theatre camps have limited participants to better address individualized needs of each student, please register early. Please refer to the website for more information and how to register. The energy roars during our theatre classes. We noticed most our students are becoming more comfortable and are speaking more during class. This is a good sign. Mr. Tristen has developed a positive lesson plan to allow student’s participation more focused on confidence building and to allow each student come out of class feeling empowered. This month is also a celebration of many birthdays! We love to celebrate birthdays here and if we cannot celebrate on your actual birthday, you can choose what date to celebrate you! Please message us and let us know of your birthday and we will add it on our calendar. We have a fabulous MC- MC Tristen who can make any birthday more memorable and he can be booked with a small fee. As always, please feel free to inquire about details by sending us an email at Happy February everyone! Love is in the air! Let’s spread sunshine by spreading love!


Download the latest February Monthly Class Calendar

Sunshine Projects February 2021 Class Ca
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