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Happy Thanksgiving to You!

We would like to pause from our busy schedule to let you know we are thinking of you and wishing you all a Happy and safe Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for all of you and your continued support. We have become a family and that is a special gift to thank for this Thanksgiving season.

Year 2021 is a year of hope and it is also year that we, at Sunshine Projects, have become even bolder in creating many more possibilities for our young adults. So far this year, we bravely opened our doors to summer camp for many of our young’s adults who looked forward to integrating and socializing in person after many months of quarantine. With the success of the summer program, we've created the skill builders workshops to continue our in-person programming and further teach our young adults how to become budding entrepreneurs .

We've opened the Sunshine "Barkery", our online dog biscuit shop, where our "barkers" are actively baking, packing and selling products online as well as at our community pop up stand in Cabin John. The Barkery now offers 5 different flavors for our favorite canine friends. (

Joy of Petals, our online flower shop has also recently opened its doors. Our exciting new flower project will offer a great selection of the freshest flowers at a reasonable price. Our motto is: "Flowers-With a Mission". It will certainly keep our participants busy and even more work opportunities in the future. The Joy of Petals is operating as a co-op based model, which means that all participants will share in the success of the business. We've already been receiving many orders for the holidays. It’s not too late to order for your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Get yours too at

We had a blast at our Halloween Spooktacular. It was well attended and so great to see everyone dressed in their costumes. For many, it was the first large gathering in a long time. We're busy preparing for our next big event: the Holiday Reunion Extravaganza on Sunday, December 19. We hope to see you there!

Our SP Theater programs guided by our own Tristen Geren, continues to thrive and gain further recognition. Our theater group performed 'Voices Heard' in person this summer. The next performance of Voices Heard will be held in the spring. We are also pleased to hear that the theater program has been nominated for 12 awards separate categories in the non-professional categories for the DC region on Broadway World! Voting ends on Dec.31st. Please get the vote out. We hope to win the gold this time around! Congratulations again to all of the nominees on this amazing achievement.

So much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Our success of Sunshine Projects is shared with you all. With your support, we continue to thrive, grow, and move forward with many more projects to come.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you all enjoy family and friends this year.

Elma and Jon

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