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Hello Sunshine Project Fans

Happy New Year!!

2020 is here and so does Sunshine Projects! Yes! For some of you who know me and have listened to me talk for hours about my vision of having a fun and meaningful program and social club for children and young adults with intellectual and developmental disability, thank you for all your support! Sunshine projects was inspired by you all and most especially the beautiful children and young adults with IDD who will be the focus of this project. I wake up everyday thinking one day I will have a performing art school so that all children with IDD can come and share their talent, learn new skills, meet friends, and have a meaningful day all together. I believe that this project is just a beginning of much larger inclusive production that is yet to come. I am thankful for your trust and for believing in me and mostly for sharing your amazing children.

Cheers for 2020! Here comes the sun via Sunshine Projects! The adventure has begun!

Much love,


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