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July is our hottest month ever at Sunshine Projects!

Weather is hot but also because we have lots of HOT news to share!

Hot news that includes hiring our very first ever full time employee!

Yes, you've heard that right! With the amazing support of our community, our families, friends and to continue fulfilling our promise, Sunshine Projects decided it’s time to bring in our very popular theatre director to join us full time- in person, congratulations Tristen! Within the many months of being quarantined, Sunshine Projects members were so eager to meet in person again. We think bringing in another helpful hand will give us a chance to build stronger and even more engaging programming. With Tristen’s ability to provide a robust theatre program, we know he'll be as good in person as he is online! We welcome Tristen back to Washington, DC. There will be a chance for meet and greets in the coming weeks.

More hot news on dance! Dance is an important department we wish to explore more here at Sunshine Projects. We know dance is best way to express ourselves. Every movement becomes a symbol of grace and strength. We are happy to include Contemporary Dance taught by our newest and youngest instructor Arabella. Arabella has a very artistic and emotional approach that flows gracefully along with her slow movements allowing easy to follow steps to her amazing choreography. Follow Arabella’s steps to engage with this eloquent and expressive dance every Monday at 6 pm.

July also brings in a familiar dance instructor Natasha, and will teach “Groovin’ with Natasha” starting Thursday, July 22 @ 6:30 pm. Many Sunshine Projects students know Natasha very well. Her energy and enthusiasm to teach dance is contagious . Come join her class and discover another enjoyable dance rhythm with Natasha.

What makes you happy is also a part of our hot topics this month. What makes you happy can be anything. It can be walking your dog in the nearby stream or catching a snapshot of a butterfly adoring a blue hydrangea or could be hearing a new song you like! Some of our students who participated with the Maryland First Lady’s Art project were featured in the display during the June arts exhibit for Mental Health Awareness Project. On our second edition of the Sunshine Beacon published this month, we asked our participants to share their artwork commemorating with the same topic,” what makes you happy?” Follow our talented young adults as they feature their most exquisite work of arts.

Download Sunshine Beacon newsletter 2nd edition below:

Download PDF • 22.49MB

As always, we are thankful to our community for your endless support and dedication to our programming. Speaking of in-person programming, we are happy to announce the success of our in-person June camp! Everyday was a blast! We filled up up our hearts with so much joy and seeing friends and doing activities together was incredibly fun! We met new friends and learned new skills! The part we love the most were the big smiles! We love to finish each week filled with lasting memories and remember our first camp at Sunshine Projects stamped with Priceless Moments!️️️

We cannot wait to start our next camp on July 19th! Follow us to the camp site and enjoy a week or two of summer with Sunshine Projects Day Club Camp!

Thank you everyone!

Stay cool!


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