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Let us begin a new chapter and grow together in person!

That’s right! May 2021 becomes a celebration of life! Not only that spring is here which means beautiful flowers are in bloom, trees are green, and birds are happy and chirping. Cicadas have also joined us in welcoming this Spring after a long slumber. Many of our friends are preparing for graduation at this time. It’s hard imagining this time last year in 2020 when everything stood still, graduations were held virtually and many of us gathered for family celebrations online.

Even through the chaos of quarantine, we learned to grow, and we learned invaluable skills especially in working with technology. Who knew, “Zoom Karaoke” would be a hit, or “Zoom Birthday Parties,” would be so well attended. In fact, there was a “Quiencinniera,” that we hosted for 3 hours! Our long running weekly online cooking show is now on its 70th week straight! Tuesday night dinners have become a family event. Our children learned to embrace the online programming. We’ve created something truly special. We also met more friends and created a larger community.

So here we are, nearly a year and a half later, a vaccine was found and most of us have now received the second dose and are completely immunized. The world is starting to re-open and so are we. Recently, at the Sunshine Projects Club House in Bethesda, we’ve held our first informal gatherings. Our student Susannah, who is a Sunshine Projects resident, has started inviting her friends to try to acclimate to the post COVID-19 life. It has been an exhilarating experience for her and her friends.

Sunshine Projects understands the difficulties that many of our young adults will experience with adjusting to a post quarantine life. To help ease the transition, and to continue our focus to our community members both online and in person, we are excited to announce the start of the Sunshine Projects Day Club. We are busy preparing our programming to include an in-person segment while we maintain our online programming. We are certain that the second week of June is the appropriate time to start our Sunshine Projects Day Club, a Day Camp structured format. Serious screening of staff and review of classes and activities to be offered are underway. Please take a look at the weekly sessions offered. Each weekly session is limited to only 8 individuals in-person to ensure each participant has the utmost attention and care. We want to challenge each participant to be their best, to respect each other, and learn valuable social/vocational skills. Most importantly to have fun! Smiles and laughter are contagious.

We look forward to a new beginning here at Sunshine Projects where growing and experiencing new things will continue online and now in person.

As always, we value your recommendations and feedback. At Sunshine Projects, we will grow together to “inspire and be inspired”.

🤍 Elma XOXO

Week 1 starts Monday June 14 to Friday, June 18. Activities to be varied per week. 8 weekly sessions offered.

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