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Love is in the air!

It’s Valentines Day! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

Today is a day to celebrate love.

Let’s all give love and share love! Here at Sunshine Projects, there are always lots of love to share. We focused today on sharing. We discussed what Valentines day means to us. The participants had articulated their feelings and it was nice to listen to everyone as they giggled through their sentences. It is also nice to hear that they consider Sunshine Projects as their family. They feel safe and loved here and they feel the sense of purpose by coming to class and learning new things each session. Seeing their peers and having the time to explore ideas and share their feelings about a certain topic has added extra excitement for everyone as well. It has been a wonderful one month and we strive to continue to provide a healthy and fun experience for all our participants. More this month, we added two additional students, Ariana and Nadia are both familiar faces with whom we frequently share events and activities together. Sunshine Projects is happy to welcome new members and we look forward to seeing more. In addition, we have been enjoying our new music class. Music enrichment class provides the necessary exercises to encourage each student to articulate their feelings and also to feel confident.

The new teacher, Aren Bruce has captured the hearts of the students so quickly. He understands each and everyone’s weaknesses and he knows how to encourage each one to bring out the best in them. His creativity and calm demeanor has allowed students to feel comfortable. When students are comfortable, they become confident and able to express their emotions through words and movements.

On Thursdays, Zamdance with Jackie Zamora has become a good fitness jam routine! Her music and creative high impact dance steps is been so enjoyable that everyone sing to its rhythm. Look for available spot on Thursdays at 2-3 pm and experience the Zamdance movements! It is fun and invigorating. You will surely fall in love with this class and you will want to keep coming back!

Moving on to Fridays class. Drama and musical is been very engaging as well. The group is now organized to perform a musical to the tune of some songs derived from the musical Glee. Each participants has picked their favorite song and has mastered their parts and while some of them has some songs picked from a different drama scenes such as “Let it go” song from the movie Frozen, in the end the collaborative effort to perform a mixture of songs like it is the “salad” of songs, with the purpose to be creative and have a great time is all that matters.

At Sunshine Projects, we want to encourage each one to be comfortable with themselves, develop confidence, be engaged and have a great time. We look forward to the next week when we see each other again. Happy Valentines. Hope you feel and share love.

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