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March, Here we come!

Dear Friends,

March stands for renewed energy, refresh, reinvigorate. Flowers will soon bloom as warm weather creeps in. We all love the daffodils and early bloom of colorful Tulips. We all cannot wait for the fresh breath of air as winter blues wither away.

Spring brings new hope, new beginnings, for some it is time to celebrate love, milestones, friendships, a new career maybe? or a new puppy? And for some-the COVID Vaccine! It is sweet and nice to have something to look forward to, it is a time for renewal, to freshen your well being and seek strength, energy, hope, and new adventures!

Sunshine Projects took a huge leap a year ago in March and rushed to learn a new way to continue to engage the community as the COVID-19 pandemic closed our doors. The process may have been overwhelming but we took this new challenge and turned it into a positive experience. Thanks to my brilliant IT and everything else assistant, Sunshine Projects took on a new role and pioneered the new and bold ZOOM Programming. Do you remember our first few weeks of SNL, Karaoke and the fun and famous talent show? And then the DJ Bunny aka Elma on Easter Sunday? That was so much fun and it has been non stop since.

Here we are, one year later, still together with more friends and new skills of how to connect with people-digitally! Many have learned to navigate their way to log on to zoom classes as well. We laugh, sing and dance, we cook, we exercise, we learned yoga and we do arts, and more. We even tried TV broadcasting and now writing our own blog posts! Yes, Sunshine Beacon is about to launch its first edition! And to top it all, we now have 5 theatre camps in production. When it is time to celebrate, we do the best we can to celebrate everyone’s special day and to date we have celebrated more than two dozens of birthday parties. Not tired yet? Our 'On the GO' cooking show brings us to a new adventure. Our first stop is in Dewey Beach, Delaware where we look forward to Chef Ariana who will teach us step by step in how to make homemade tortillas!

Yes! There are lots to look forward to in March. A time to celebrate good times together. We also look forward to our first ever online fundraising St Patrick’s dance that includes some fabulous raffle prizes. March 21 is Down Syndrome Awareness day. We celebrate our many friends with Down Syndrome. Stay tuned for more fun adventures as we enter into a new month.

March here we come!

Check out our March Online Class Calendar

Sunshine Projects March 2021 Online Clas
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Elma Galimba

Founder & Executive Director Sunshine Projects (301) 509-9248

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