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On the brighter side!

It's been quite a summer and fall has started with many new happenings at Sunshine Projects. It’s been almost two years since we’ve started and we couldn’t be prouder of all of the accomplishments of our young adults in our community. In person summer time activities brought out the best in each of the participants as we explored together many skills related activities including writing articles for the Beacon newsletter, arranging flowers, painting landscapes, and most recently our dog biscuits venture. We’ve discovered that many of our young adults are ready to be challenged and are eager to work by cultivating valuable skills to nuture a new hobby or pursue a future job. We would like to continue in helping our young adults pursue their dreams and to realize their fullest potential.

Now open for business: The Sunshine Projects Barkery! Visit our new online store at Our young adults played a strong role in finding the name of the “Barkery”, creating flyers, and baking our sample products. We are so happy to come up with an organic, apple and peanut butter flavor that every dog can love as one of our first flavors. Soon you’ll see our young adults in promenades, farmers markets, fairs, and on your nearby shopping malls with bags of dog biscuits to sell. They will also learn to take orders by word of mouth and online. We can’t wait for this endeavor to flourish with the great enthusiasm of our delightful group of young and able enterprisers. Clare Carrillo has also been creating fun and colorful flyers and has even started taking orders from neighbors. Clare’s contagious enthusiasm has encouraged many more of her teammates to create flyers, too. Brandon Salazar, Susannah Lovegrove, Isabel Franklin, Delaney Dunigan, Ruthie Metzger, teamed up to make flyers, baked more cookies to be packed in the morning. Matthew Renzi has even joined to fill orders. The more the merrier and the more hands helping each other gets things done faster! And yes, our “Born Ready” young adults are ready to get to work at the Sunshine Barkery, where all dog biscuits are made with care! The ingredients are good for humans, try one or two, you might want some for you, too! Fresh and organic ingredients just for your four-legged friend and you if you wish!

We’re also very pleased to distribute the third edition of the Sunshine Beacon. The content of this newsletter was written collaboratively by our young writers during the week of summer in-person camp. Our editor Nicholas Renzi of Landon School and Arabella Santy from Stoneridge helped guide our campers write a story of their summer adventures! What a group of amazing writers we had. Follow their stories below. We encourage you to leave your likes and comments.

Happy reading!

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