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We are rocking it in November!

Are you ready for November? Daylight savings time! Chilly weather! Election month to top it all! And to add more to that, Sunshine Projects is gone wild and added more fun classes to keep you moving! It will be a fun filled, groovy month to chime along! Folks! Get your battery recharged because November is going to have you circling around fun fun fun!

So what is in store for us this month? It is election week! We wait and see what will happen! Are you in for a fun ride with Sunshine Projects? Because whoever wins the election, our excitement with our newly added classes are going to keep on going! First of, the Jukebox Musical and Acting Out theatre camps are about to end. Performance details will soon to come. We already know that season 2 Theatre performances will be as good if not better than the first one. Theatre third Season for Jukebox Musical and Acting Out follows immediately on the week of November 13. The theatre camps are so popular so we added another one which is called Access Hollywood! This ensemble is uniquely planned and will be one to catch your movie fantasies that are sure to come to life. Our ever so energetic theatre guru is so inspired to be part of our Sunshine Projects teaching crew that he wants to be around us all the time! He is so happy that the participants enjoy his company and he loves working with them as a result.

Because Layla, our dance teacher is in such demand, our participants really miss her when she took a month off to focus on school. But finally, the wait is over! Layla is coming back and is bringing us Salsa Dance! We cannot wait to dance with you Layla! Matthew will be so thrilled to see you come back! But wait! There is also Hip-Hop that is so in demand! We welcome Robyn who will be teaching Hip hop! Hip hop fans! Get ready! I want to thank Ginger and Carmen for bringing her on board! This is just a beginning of our dance extravaganza. We certainly will schedule a dance off festival between Salsa and Hip Hop! Stay tuned!

As your founder, one of my visions for Sunshine Projects was to create a Performing Arts School. The school includes a theatre, dance, music, arts. And many more. We would explore many more meaningful, engaging, and fun activities and all members will have a full day and go home happy and content. The school will offer a lot more opportunities such as employment, volunteer opportunities and no one would age out from our program because everyone will find a thing to do with lots of support and guidance. Love and inclusion will help our community grow stronger and more vibrant. We will always have a safe place and a place we can all grow together. Our teaching staff are all going to be our friends and we will be a huge family supporting each other. I am happy to say, this vision of mine is unfolding so beautifully. With the help of a supportive community and parents like you and with the trust you vested on me, the “Performing Arts school” is coming together.

We are also happy to announce that Sunshine Projects is now an official non-profit organization under the Sunshine Projects Foundation, Inc. We would like to thank Charles Franklin for his dedication and initiative as he introduced the law firm Akin Gump to provide legal services for us. We can’t thank them enough for their guidance and work to make our non-profit status into reality. The success of Sunshine Projects is a collaborative work of love. We like to thank all of you for believing in us.

With love,

Elma & Jon

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